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Hi! My name is Amalina, and I'm a web designer and developer based in Singapore & Sydney, Australia with 13 years of industry experience. I build objective-driven, SEO-optimised, mobile-optimised, and reliable yet beautiful solutions for the internet. I am the co-founder of Hello Pomelo Creatives, a boutique agency specialising in creating amazing first experiences through websites. Over the years, I’ve have helped countless individuals set up their new domain on digital space, helped SMEs revamp and revitalise an aging website, as well as worked with international SMEs & MNCs from Singapore, Australia and Japan.

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  • Logo Design
  • Brand Creation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Name Card Design


  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Website Branding
  • Website Maintenance and Upgrades


  • Social Media Marketing Materials
  • Advertising Banners
  • Infographics
  • Emailers / EDMs
  • Flyers / Posters / Print-outs


Coding For Her

SUTD Co-Create City


SkillsFuture @ NUS

Little Rays Club

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Coding For Her

Empowering ladies with tech

As a woman in a male dominated field, I am passionate about training fellow aspiring women in the field of web design and development. Online is the way forward for all businesses, and trust me, having your online digital space is the cheapest investment you can make for your business with high returns. At Coding for Her, I hope to inspire women to embrace the digital realm and programming! Interested in joining one of my intimate workshops? Follow us on Instagram @codingforher, or join our mailing list to know when I’m doing classes!

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Web Hosting, Domain, Servers – The dummy’s guide to all the web design jargons you need to know

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