Limited project intakes

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As a small company, we have always limited how many projects that we take up. I really wish I could take as many as I was given, however most of the time, due to time constraints, we just aren’t able to. But ever wonder why do some companies seem always available to take up and start your project whenever you approach them?

All work is done by yours truly,

I express this with passion for every single project. When you engage me, you are working with my company directly. Directly means, that the people managing your account, in direct contact with you, designing and coding your website is done without any middlemen. What does this mean for your project? Faster response time, direct replies with regards to queries/functionalities. Imagine this scenario:

You: “May I know if it is possible to limit my visitors to buying only 1 product at a time?”
Account manager: “Let me get back to you on that.” ~goes to send an email or contact the developer, who knows how long this will take~
1 week later
Account manager: “My developer says no.”

Imagine getting the response immediately because you are in direct contact with the developer.

A lot of the extra capacity work agencies get are outsourced… to people like me 🙂

How do I know? Because I have been approached many times to take on the work that these larger agencies can’t complete but willingly take on. If you’re lucky, they get a local developer like me to do it, but my rates are usually way too high for an outsourced project and most of the time they will instead resort to either an inexperienced web designer fresh out of school or overseas developers in India or Vietnam. I’ve personally heard numerous stories of clients engaging local design firms (huge popular ones), but then tell me about their negative experiences – even up to the point of termination. When I ask why, the answer is always the same. “All the changes I needed had to go through a boy who handles my account, and then it gets sent to their overseas developer. And whether or not it can be done, is up to the developer’s whim.”


So I apologise for not being able to start or pick up your project right away, and also this explains why I take a much longer time to do websites than what most companies offer. I am not here to compete and be a website-churning mill. I provide personalized service and consultation advice for every single client, and great things take time – think of me as your business partner (who is a pro at the web design side) instead of the labour to build your website, and I assure you, our project will be AMAZING.