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How to Increase Sales for Your E-Commerce Shop

How to Increase Sales for Your E-Commerce Shop

I have been designing e-commerce websites for about, close to 7 years now, and have absolutely lost count on how many I have guided and completed along the way. I’ve worked on Love Bonito, when they were first starting up, moving from Livejournal to a self-hosted E-commerce site, Bag Charm Love, Lloola Shoes, Olette Lingerie, The Out Post Trading Co., Gymsportz, and more. And it’s amazing to see how the e-commerce scene has grown in Singapore. Online stores have grown so successful, they now have their own brick-and-mortar store!

So how do you increase your site’s popularity?

  1. Good Design – You must think this is a given, but a lot of people totally underestimate how important it is to have a good design. Good design gives good first impressions – good first impressions leads to sales, because you look professional and legitimate. With current events, buyers are getting more cautious of fraud sites, it gets more and more important to portray a legitimate business front .
  2. Good Content – Make sure you have all your legal, privacy policy and terms & conditions pages set up properly. Even though most of us don’t read it (honest truth), it feels good there is actually one in place.
  3. Good Marketing  – This goes hand in hand with good design. Humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. There is no point investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing with Google or Facebook, when you have an ugly banner to go with it. An amazing banner design should be part of your marketing, or it will all go to waste.

So now, you have some people buying from your store. How do you make them buy more?

  1. Cross-selling – offer 3 or 4 complementary products that would go together with the main product they are looking at.

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  2. Upselling – Suggest other products they might be interested in, before they checkout their cart
  3. Free Delivery with a certain amount – This will prompt customers to fill up their carts to the brim so they can enjoy free delivery! They might even ask their friends if they would like to share carts, and that’s free promotion for you too!

The result? Average cart size increase of 16%, 56% more time spent on the site, and a 116% increase in products viewed.

You will be amazed at the number of tips and tricks we have under our sleeves, that’ll help you increase your sales!

Building a trustworthy, successful e-commerce shop

Building a trustworthy, successful e-commerce shop

The trend of e-commerce shops is on a rise these days especially in Singapore. With minimal or little investment, anyone can own an online shop and start selling things to customers. While most internet savvy users have little qualms about purchasing things online, some are still wary when it comes to purchasing products online. The problem lies with the fact that just anyone could own an online shop. So how do we  create a shop that people will trust and buy from?

1. Reassure visitors with a professional design. A person’s first impression about your whole shop and company is based 5 seconds upon loading your home page. With the rise in popularity of Apple products and internet savvy people, the importance of good design to build credibility and quality is essential. Build reassurance by having a professional design. Good design comes with good usability and functionality.  Many people will not trust a shop that has a bad design because it looks like not a lot of effort and money has been invested into the business, and gives the feeling as though it is not very serious, or even a quick scam. 

2. Provide product reviews where people can leave comments about the product. Not only is user-generated content great for SEO, a lot of people base their purchasing decisions based on reviews from others. By allowing product reviews (which you can moderate by the way), is also a sign that you are dedicated to providing quality products with quality service and is a huge plus point in building a trustworthy shop. While this may not be ideal for fashion shops where products are released weekly, and people don’t really write reviews for clothes, you may consider a sitewide testimonials page as well.

Reviews and testimonials at

3.  Quality of product photos. Many online shop owners fail to provide professional photography for their products. Customers are not able to touch and feel your products, plus good photography shows the status of your shop. All the big fashion stores such as ASOS and TOPSHOP, have professional models wearing their products and their photos taken in a studio, which results in a clean white background image. Products taken hanging from your bedroom cupboard handle or just tossed on the floor brings no reassurance that your store is professional at all. A lot of photos can easily be stolen from supplier sites or sites like Gmarket and Taobao, so as a customer, how do you know the shop actually has these products in stock? To solve this, it is best to have your own photoshoots with a model.

Pfffsh….All these typically obvious Gmarket/Taobao photos~ That does not even look like Singapore.

4. Elements of trust. Provide elements of trust throughout your website. These can be in the form of informational pages stating your dedication to provide customer satisfaction, trusted payment logos, contact details including shop address, phone number or email, business registration number. Return policies show that you have thought all of these through. You can also consider a live chat box.

5. Social network integration. Link your shop to a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Not only does this help with your shop’s marketing for absolutely no cost, it also encourages participation and contribution amongst your visitors. A shop that has activity builds more credibility than a shop that’s just a standalone shop in the quiet depths of the internet. Besides, all the brands and shops now have a Facebook page, it would be weird not to have one!

These are just some of the practices that should be considered when trying to build a credible e-commerce store. I’m sure there are more, but lets leave that for another post!

Till then!